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Geyer, Philipp; Delwati, Muhannad; Buchholz, Martin; Giampieri, Alessandro; Smallbone, Andrew; Roskilly, Anthony P; Buchholz, Reiner; Provost, Mathieu

Use Cases with Economics and Simulation for Thermo-Chemical District Networks Konferenz

10 (3), MDPI AG, 2018, (Thermo-chemical networks using absorption and desorption to capture and valorise the potential of very low-grade residual heat (20 textdegreeC to 60 textdegreeC) to offer a reduction of end user costs and increased primary energy efficiency. The paper demonstrates the technical and economic potential of thermo-chemical networks by defining use cases and their related level of energy efficiency and technological feasibility. Furthermore, specific economic scenarios, including estimations on investment and operation costs, demonstrate the economic benefit of the technology. Simple payback periods between about 0.5 and 7.5 years indicate a good economic feasibility with end user costs below 4 texteuroct/kWh-equivalent and refunds of 0.5 to 1 texteuroct/kWh for the required residual heat. Due to the low-temperature characteristics of the relevant systems and services, detailed simulations are required to approve the functioning and viability of the new technology. For this purpose, the paper demonstrates the simulation outline using the example of space heating based on a low-temperature air heating system partially driven with thermo-chemical fuel.).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: absorption processes, industrial drying, space heating and cooling, thermo-chemical district energy networks


Geyer, Philipp; Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner; Provost, Mathieu

Hybrid thermo-chemical district networks – Principles and technology Artikel

Applied Energy, 186 , S. 480 - 491, 2017, ISSN: 0306-2619, (Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM2015)).

Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Cooling and drying, District networks for heating, Open thermo-chemical sorption technology, Residual heat usage, Solar thermal energy, Systems engineering

Decorme, Régis; Crosbie, Tracey; Vukovic, Vladimir; Ala-Juusela, Mia; Klepal, Martin; Yadack, Malcolm; Buchholz, Martin; Costa, Andrea

Reducing Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint by Smart and Sustainable Use Konferenzbericht

1 , 2017.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: block of buildings, demand response, district heating and cooling, energy efficient buildings, energy monitoring, energy storage, smart grids


Geyer, Philipp; Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner; Provost, Mattieu

Design and Modelling of a Hybrid Thermal and Thermochemical Network Technology Konferenz

SusTEM2015 2015, (no isbn ; status: published).

Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: thermo-chemical network

Buchholz, Martin; Nour, Mohamed H; Ghanem, Ashraf; Nassar, Ahmed

Greenhouse based desalination for brackish water management using bittern evaporative cooling technique Artikel

Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 2015.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Arab region, desalination, semi-arid conditions, solar greenhouse, water resources


Balas, Marius Mircea; Buchholz, Martin; Balas, Sanda V

Expert Control for the Coupled Tanks Greenhouse Inproceedings

Soft Computing Applications - Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop Soft Computing Applications, SOFA 2014, Volume 2, Timisoara, Romania, 24-26 July 2014, S. 939–947, 2014.

Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: greenhouse cooling

Ghanem, Ashraf; Nour, Mohamed M H; Buchholz, Martin; Nassar, Ahmed Fayez

Greenhouse Based Desalination for Sustainable Agriculture in Desert Climate Konferenz

International IWA Conference on Desalination, Environment and Marine Outfall System 2014.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: closed greenhouse, desalination, pesticide free cultivation, watergy


Karasu, Arda; Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner

Regional Thermal Energy Network Based on Waste Energy with Desiccants: Pilot Project within a Climate Envelope Konferenz


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: climate envelop, closed greenhouse, desiccant, thermo-chemical network, waste energy

Karasu, Arda; Buchholz, Martin

Bauen mit Klimahüllen Buch

Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, 2013, ISBN: 978-3798326484.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Bauen, Klimahülle


Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner; Hanßke, Anja; Paitazoglou, Christopher; Ziegler, Felix

Nutzung von Sole als Energieträger und Speichermedium in einem urbanen Entwicklungsgebiet Konferenz

3rd International Conference, Low Temperature and Waste Heat Use in Energy Supply Systems 2012.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Raumluftkonditionierung, Solargewächshäuser, Solenutzung, Wärmerückgewinnung

Buchholz, Martin

Einsatz von Regen-oder Grauwasser in Gewächshäusern mit FeuchtluftSolarkollektoren Artikel


Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Feuchtluft-Solarkollektor, Gewächshäuser, Solargewächshäuser

Geyer, Philipp; Buchholz, Martin

Parametric systems modeling for sustainable energy and resource flows in buildings and their urban environment Artikel

Automation in Construction, 22 , S. 70 - 80, 2012, ISSN: 0926-5805, (Planning Future Cities-Selected papers from the 2010 eCAADe Conference).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: CO-absorbing city, Parametric systems modeling, Sustainable urban system, Systems design and engineering, Zero-emission city


Schmidt, Marco; Geyer, Philipp; Steffan, Claus; Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner

Heating and cooling with sun and salt – a thermo-chemical seasonal storage system in combination with latent heat accumulation Konferenz

World Climate & Energy Event 2009.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: latent heat accumulation, solar cooling, solar thermal system, thermo-chemical seasonal storage

Buchholz, Martin; Schmidt, Marco; Geyer, Philipp; Buchholz, Reiner

Decomposition and System Layout for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Seasonal Heat Storage System Integrated in Buildings Inproceedings


BibTeX | Schlagwörter: energy storage, thermo-chemical seasonal storage


Zaragoza, Guillermo; Buchholz, Martin

Closed greenhouses for semi-arid climates: Critical discussion following the results of the Watergy prototype Artikel

International Society for Horticultural Science, 2008 (797), S. 37-42, 2008.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: anti-fog cover, closed greenhouse, CO2 enrichment, water conservation

Buchholz, Martin; Schmidt, Marco; Choukrallah, Redouane; Foellner, Steffen; Haenel, Mirko; Bourouni, Karim; Hamdi, Atef; Mourid, Mohammed El; Ketata, Habib; Nefzaoui, Ali; Boutfirass, Mohamed

Overcoming Drought A scenario for the future development of the agricultural and water sector in arid and hyper arid areas, based on recent technologies and scientific results Buch


Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: arid area, closed greenhouse, CO2, seawater greenhouse, solar energy, wastewater


Zaragoza, Guillermo; Buchholz, Martin; Buendia, D; Meca, D; Pérez-Parra, J

Experiences in cultivation inside the watergy prototype of a closed greenhouse for semi-arid regions Konferenz

Acta Horticulturae - Greensys2007, 801 , ISHS, 2007.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: carbon dioxide enrichment, closed greenhouse, closed water cycle, greenhouse cooling


Zaragoza, Guillermo; Jochum, Patrick; Pérez, Buendiía; Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner

Projekt Watergy: A closed Greenhouse for minimized Water consumption and optimized solar energy Konferenz

CIES 2006, XIII Congresso Ibérico e VIII Congresso Ibero-Americano de Energia Solar 2006.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: closed greenhouse, closed water cycle, solar greenhouse, Solar thermal energy

Buchholz, Martin; Buchholz, Reiner; Jochum, P; Zaragoza, Guillermo; Pérez-Parra, Jeronimo

Temperature and humidity control in the watergy greenhouse Konferenz

International Society for Horticultural Science, 719 (45), 2006.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: air dehumidification, closed greenhouse, desalination, greenhouse cooling, water recycling

Jochum, Patrick; Pérez-Parra, Jeronimo; Zaragoza, Guillermo; Buchholz, Martin

Watergy project: Towards a rational use of water in greenhouse agriculture and sustainable architecture Artikel

Desalination, 211 (1-3), S. 296-303, 2006, ISSN: 0011-9164.

Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: closed greenhouse, closed water cycle, CO2 enrichment, greenhouse cooling, solar greenhouse, water recycling


Jochum, Patrick; Buchholz, Martin

How to Simulate Thermal and Fluid Dynamical Processes in Closed Greenhouses including Water Interactions between Plants and Air Konferenz

691 , International Conference on Sustainable Greenhouse Systems - Greensys2004 2005.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: CFD, closed greenhouse, natural ventilation, simulation, Smile, thermal and pressure node model, water treatment


Buchholz, Martin

Energiegewinnung, Wasseraufbereitung und Verwertung von Biomasse in Gewächshaus - Gebäude - Modulen Promotionsarbeit

Technische Universität Berlin, 2002.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: Biomasse, Energiegewinnung, Gewächshäuser, Wasseraufbereitung